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Top Literary Journals for New Writers

If you have ever participated in a writers workshop, you know that talent abounds in the creative writing world. As a new author, searching for a publisher that wants to discover new talent can feel like a risky move. Some writers look forward to compiling stacks of rejection letters a-la King style until they find their golden ticket. Others find rejection soul-crushing and give up before the getting gets good. A small few even value their work so highly that they go straight for the jugular and search for agents at top publishing houses. These ambitious folk may end up having some success, they may also have some bank role that allows them the financial fluidity to make that ambition lucrative over time. As for the rest of us, getting our foot in the door is more important, but you can't just walk into any old house and expect to be welcomed. Nor should you take that type of risk. Though some smaller presses are willing to publish your work, you have to consider the implications of opting to get published quickly and easily with some lesser-known publishing houses as it may impact your creative reputation. Therefore you have to be somewhat selective as a new writer. The following is a small list of Publishers for New Writers with links to their websites and submission guidelines.

AGNI This Boston University literary magazine publishes Essays, Poetry, Fiction in their print issues twice a year and accepts submissions from September 1st to May 31st. Fresh ideas from honest voices that explore unchartered territories are the bread and butter of this magazine, so if you enjoy obliterating traditional fiction tropes with a vengeance, AGNI is for you!

Coffee House Press This publisher is a hybrid dream come true for new and mid-career writers. Their goal is to connect writers, readers, artists, and the community in order to inspire creativity. CHP is more than a publisher, but a creatives friend in the publishing world. They publish literary novels, full-length short story collections, poetry, creative nonfiction, book-length essays, and essay collections. Visit their website to learn more about why this publishing house is my #writergoals.

Persea Books is an independent publisher of many literary themes including fiction, poetry, and memoir to name a few. With a richly diverse catalog of contemporary writing, they focus on both shared and individual life experiences. This publisher also accepts submissions twice a year for their Poetry Prizes. One, The First Book Prize, for self-identified females who have yet to be published, and the second, Editors Choice Award, for self-identified females with at least book of published poetry. Details added the Submission Calendar below.

Boulevard Made possible in part to The National Endowment of The Arts, Boulevard Magazine is one of a very few highly respected literary magazines in the country. With a desire to share new and diverse voices, Boulevard Magazine has been printing some of the best fiction, poetry, and essays since 1985. Submissions accepted from November 1 to May 1.

What about digital?!

Polis Books One of the newest and freshest faces in publishing, Polis Books creates a space for new and diverse voices in both fiction and nonfiction in both print and digital. This company stays current with changes in technology, distribution, marketing, and the unique voices of our changing population in an effort to reach a broad audience. Review their about me section to see what makes them a competitive option for New Writers.

The Master's Review This online literary journal takes New Writer Submissions to a whole new level! New writers are given an opportunity to get a quick response to their submission for a small fee, an editorial review of their work for $59 fee, or can submit work at any time, all year long for free! And if your work gets published, you get paid. This one is a no-brainer for short-story writers!

805 Lit A stage for Emerging Writers, 805 Lit has been publishing unsolicited work from artists in their quarterly online journal since 2015. When you make the wise decision to submit, you can feel confident that you've placed your work in the very capable hands of librarians, professors, and fellow writers.

Baltimore Review A Quarterly Online Literary Journal, Baltimore Review focuses on publishing works of emerging writers throughout the world. Originally begun to highlight the work of local artists, Baltimore continues to evolve as a publication of fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry.


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