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When I first began my creative writing journey, all I wanted was to see my words in print. Little did I know the amount of dedication it took to stay up to date with the who, what, when, where, and hows of the submission process. The internet has made that much easier, but so has this blog. I've done research on literary journals and compiled a list that is easy to use.

Once upon a time, I created an expansive list of bookmarks for writing resources, and it eventually became overwhelming. So much so that I confused myself with too much information, and missed important deadlines with publishers for contests and reviews. Of course, research can be done independently, but this page has a more condensed version to help get you started without spinning out of control. Clear, concise, and succinct, this Writers Block is a toolbox designed with the overwhelmed and anxious writer in mind. If your right-click game is strong, you can click away without drowning too deep into a rabbit hole of information. Consider this a "Five-Finger Fistful of Facts, theses lists will answer your most pressing concerns.

In this section, you will find: 



Top 5 Literary Journals Worthy of Subscription

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Monthly Writing Prompts

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The Monthly Postcard Fiction Writing Prompt section offers feedback on style, tone, delivery, and characterization. This area is a free-flowing space to help inspire creative ideas. Please DO NOT submit any work that you want to eventually publish as these prompts are solely for community feedback.  The exercises are designed to improve your writing with careful editing, thoughtful decision-making, and attention to narrative elements. As this section grows, we will grow this space to allow Monthly Workshops via Zoom.


I hope you will find the resources helpful, and that you will share your own experiences with publishers listed here. If you have details about submission websites or smaller publishers that you think the community needs to know about, please feel free to responsibly and respectfully share them in the comments section below. 



Top 5 Literary Journals

If you want to have an even better opportunity with getting your work published, you have to read. The quality of what you read reflects in your writing over time. Magic happens as we read stories where we hear our voice in the tone of the writer, or see ourselves in the narrative. Magicians who have enveloped audience members with their art are writers like Toni Morrison, Tennessee Williams, Mary Gaitskell, and Jesmyn Ward. Many of these writers have had there first works published in literary Magazines before going on to be some of the greatest writers of contemporary literature and poetry. Nourish your art by feeding it quality writing regularly. In my opinion, the following list is some of the best Lit Journals to help improve your craft.

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The New Yorker
The Atlantic
The Paris Review

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December Postcard Fiction Writing Prompt

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